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Social Security Loopholes Closing

We hosted and recorded an important update:

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BREAKING NEWS: Social Security Planning Strategies

Social Security planning used to be a little known art.  Then congress thought that there were Social Security “loopholes” that cost the country too much money.  Well with those Social Security loopholes closing, you need to stop, connect and rethink!  If you are 62 or older this webinar is a must attend!  Learn how these changes will impact what you can expect from your Social Security income.

Our five key strategies have been all but gutted.  Come learn about how these changes may affect you.

The #1 fear in life is that of poverty.  Said another way, outliving your money!

My Social Security Planning Strategies

Each attendee will qualify for a complementary Social Security Planning Strategy Session.


We hosted and recorded an important Social Security webinar:

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Social Security celebrated its 80th birthday in August of 2015.  It was started in 1935.  It has been providing supplemental income for people just like you.

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